TECHNIKI DION E.E. is the first technical company that provides services within Greece; it undertakes not only Public but also Private Projects.

In brief, TECHNIKI DION E.E., provides the following services:

  • Road surveillance and maintenance services
  • Obstruction services
  • Pipeline videotaping
  • Pipeline restoration with the use of non digging tools
  • Vegetation maintenance services
  • Cleaning services
  • Waste collection services - waste bin cleaning
  • Bulky waste management services
  • Beach cleaning services
  • Snow Plowing services

TECHNIKI DION E.E. owns up-to-date mechanical equipment, as well as highly trained personnel; therefore, it is capable of immediately responding to the needs of Regions, Perfectures, Municipalities and private settlements. In other words, TECHNIKI DION E.E. while offering a wide range of alternative services, it contributes towards the improvement of the quality of life and living conditions.

Mailing list
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You can find us at:
Θ56 Thermaikou st., Nea eykarpia Thessaloniki - Greece
Tel. +30 2310683555
Fax +30 2310681461

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